Hey Nassau homeowners, thinking about adding on to the old homestead? Fantastic! More space, new possibilities… but before you start knocking down walls, there’s one thing you gotta consider: the wiring behind those walls. That’s where Popkin & Son Electric comes in – they’re the wiring wizards who make sure your home addition is safe, functional, and ready for anything.

Why Nassau Home Addition Wiring Needs a Pro

Look, I’m all for a little DIY spirit, but electrical work ain’t the time to channel your inner handyman. Here’s why:

The Popkin & Son Advantage

These guys get that your home addition is about more than just wires. They’ll work with you to:

Ready to Power Up Your Nassau Home Addition?

Quit stressing about the electrical mess and let Popkin & Son Electric handle it. Get in touch today for a free consultation, and let’s start planning your dream addition – safely!